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FIX-A-DRAWER - this great eco alternative to throwing away pieces of furniture with sagging and broken drawers, making them useable again, your way of recycling!

Fix-a-Drawer is fixed to the base of the drawer providing that additional support, stopping the base of the drawer bending & collapsing and allowing it to hold a heavier weight of content.  It's simple to fit and the only tools you need are a screwdriver.

• Mends a sagging drawer enabling it to be used properly

• Allows a drawer to hold a heavier weight of content

• Adjustable from small cabinet to queen divan drawer

• Cannot be seen from the front

• Saves you money by being able to utilise existing drawers

• Easy to install and can be used on varying width of drawers up to 62cm (24”)

• 2 pack (sufficient to mend 2 drawers)

• Comes with all fittings and instructions

• Weight 90g

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can fix 2 drawers

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