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SPEEDFEED New Watering System for Planters and Raised Beds for Flowers, Fruits & Veggies

With Autumn here already, it's such a pleasure to be thinking about your planting for SPRING and you can get a head start with the SPEEDFEED, and you will be soon looking forward to all your own delicious home grown produce.  Just imagine picking from your own vegetable garden and tossing together fresh salads of your lettuce, tomatoes, peppers.  Well saving water and time in the garden is easier now with our NEW ingenious watering system from Select IP Australia.  SPEEDFEED is available in Bunnings stores throughout Australia for the first time, after great success in the UK and Europe.

The SPEEDFEED is an innovative watering system, with its unique holes delivers water and feed directly to the roots in seconds, cutting down on waste and saving time.  Waters deep down into the Planter or Raised Bed, boosting crop production and producing healthier plants.

SPEEDFEED uses 5 times less water and feed and spreads efficiently over a wider area to where it’s needed most, instead of just watering the top soil, not only avoiding leaf burn and protecting your precious plants, but also saving you money on water and also feed everytime.  With fully interchangeable parts… 12pcs in the Single pack and 24pcs in the Twin pack it’s easy to adapt to all types of planters and raised beds from rectangle to pentagon.

The SPEEDFEED is made from quality materials for durability, and weather resistance in all conditions, year after year.   The natural green colour blends in with your garden.  It’s quicker and more efficient than using the traditional watering systems.

Key Features:

          Delivers Water and Feed Directly Through to the Roots in Seconds

          Saves Money by Using 5 x Less Water and Feed Than Conventional Watering

          Unique holes spread water over a larger area to give maximum coverage

          Fully interchangeable parts makes it easy to adapt to all types of Planters & Raised Beds from rectangle to pentagon

          Ideal for your Herb & Veggie Raised Beds & Balcony Planters

          Prevents Leaf Burn by watering direct to the roots immediately

          Encourages Stronger & Healthier Plants

          Evenly Distributes Water and Feed Inside Planters and Raised Beds with our unique design

          Durable plastic will last for many years

Single Pack (12pcs) suitable for:

1 x Planter SPEEDFEED at 55cm deep or

1 x Raised Bed SPEEDFEED at 75cm long

RRP $13.99

Twin Pack (24pcs) suitable for:

2 x Planter SPEEDFEED’s at 55cm deep each or

2 x Raised Bed SPEEDFEED’s at 75cm long

(alternatively 1 of each)

RRP $19.99


Available in your local                                              stores

in the Gardening and Watering sections    

SINGLE PACK 12pcs $13.99 TWIN PACK 24pcs $19.99     

SPEEDFEED for Planters

SPEEDFEED for Raised Beds

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NEW to Australia

The Speedfeed is the Ultimate Watering System for Planters and Raised Beds

Now that your summer and autumn veggies and flowers are coming to an end – it’s time to set up your garden for the coming spring. We all know that saving water and time (and energy!) in the garden is essential for happy gardeners, and now it’s easy with the NEW ingenious watering system from Select IP Australia. It’s available throughout Australia for the first time, after great success in the UK and Europe,  for more information please click here

or please visit http://crowdink.com/editorpick/the-speedfeed-is-the-ultimate-watering-system-for-planters-and-raised-beds/

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