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Maurice Larkin did his first drawings in Liverpool, England.  Since then he has been drawing and painting places that have inspired him on his extensive travels.  Maurice has held successful sales exhibitions here in Sydney that have been well received, and his drawings and paintings are now being purchased by local and international buyers who have appreciated the realism in his work.  

The Copyright and reproduction of these drawings and prints is owned by Maurice Larkin and any copying or conversion into any other product is strictly forbidden without permission © 2017

Insektus is an MOBILE educational based insect & spider workshop presented by “Bug Man” or “Bug Lady”. We visit Pre-schools, Primary Schools, High Schools, TAFE Colleges and Universities. Our aim is to educate and stimulate not only the students we visit, but also the parents and the wider community about insects and the other invertebrates that live in our back yards, gardens, bush and sometimes even inside our house.

Insects are vital to our survival and although some people may think of them as a pest, less then 4% actually are. That means their are hundreds and hundreds of insects, spiders, millipedes, scorpions, earthworms and native snails that are hard at work, living out their own lives, pollinating our plants, aerating our soil, and stopping the spread of disease. Stephen Fellenberg, Entomologist

Article courtesy of Australian HOME Ideas

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Australian Organic Gardening Magazine

January 2014

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